Convenient waste management, recycling, and dumpster rental services in Fox Lake

Let’s face it: America has a waste management problem, and at this point, it’s our duty to become part of the solution. The great news is that our experts at Hometown Hauler make the job easier for both residential and commercial clients in the city of Fox Lake. Our services range from residential curbside trash and recycling, dumpster rentals, and junk removal. Regardless of your waste management needs, we certainly have a solution – and we are always one click/call away.

Fixing the waste management problem in Fox Lake

As stated above, we cover a wide range of services meant to help you keep your home clean and preserve the pleasantness of Fox Lake. We can help you discard the following types of trash/waste responsibly:

  • residential curbside trash;
  • furniture items;
  • mattresses;
  • horse manure;
  • remodeling and construction debris;
  • all types of non-hazardous junk and bulky waste.

At Hometown Hauler, we also offer efficient dumpster rental services and commercial waste management solutions in Fox Lake at a fair price. If you have trouble keeping pace with the local rules and regulations in what regards waste management as a business owner, we are here to help you.

Dumpster Rental in Fox Lake

If you’re looking for an efficient, quick, and reliable dumpster rental service in Fox Lake, we have the perfect container size for your project or business:

  • 10-yard dumpster – this one can hold up to 2 tons of materials or six pickup truck loads, which makes it ideal for small to medium homes, as well as general cleanouts. It’s the perfect solution for tight locations, and it fits in residential driveways.


  • 12-yard dumpster – this one can hold up to two tons of materials or seven pickup loads, being ideal for small construction projects, garage cleanouts, storage units, roofing material, flood debris, and low volumes of general waste.


  • 15-yard dumpster – this massive dumpster can hold up to three tons of materials or nine pickup loads, which makes it ideal for heavy materials, large contracting jobs, move-in/move-out debris, drywall/woold debris and flood debris.


  • 20-yard dumpster – 20-yard dumpsters can hold about ten pickup truck loads worth of waste or debris. It’s the right size container for several different projects, like home renovations, shingle re-roofing, garage demolition, and whole-home cleanouts.


Getting a temporary dumpster from Hometown Hauler in Fox Lake is convenient and affordable. All you have to do is find the perfect size, order it by phone/text/filing in the form on our website and pay. We are flexible in what regards the pickup and delivery.

At Hometown Hauler, the client’s satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re interested in dumpster rental, roll-off rentals, garbage pickups, residential trash service, and a safe and responsible method to get rid of your waste, we’re at your service in the Fox Lake area. We have no hidden fees, no fuel surcharge fees, no delivery fees – and we offer discounted rates for private communities, grouping, and HOAs (prices vary depending on the number of homes).

Common uses for dumpster rental
Hometown Hauler can help you with your short or long term dumpster and trash removal needs in Fox Lake, Illinois
Property Management
Restoration and Renovation
Real Estate
Office Cleanouts